Hello !

I'm Henrik, tree hugger, twitcher and shutterbug! Partially successful in turning the rest of the family into nature nerds. I focus mainly on butterflies, birds and landscapes - going from obsession with sharpness to a more relaxed appreciation of blurry... 

Why take photos ?

When I was a young boy, living on the island of Mors, I was extremely fascinated by the migrating wading birds that rested on the shores of the Limfjord. My biggest dream was to get really close to the birds, so that I could see their full beauty. Cameras and long lenses have made my dream come true :-) These days I live in scenic Rold Forest in Himmerland, fairly close to the northwestern part of Jutland, Thy and Mors, that I love so much. 

Photographing nature is a wonderful way to spend time in the wild. These days the main attraction for me is the ability to just be, to live fully absorbed in the present - it’s peaceful and gives me the opportunity to see the world around me. With this site I can show you my recent photos as well as some of my favorites from the past. Please comment on my photos or send me an email. All photos are for sale. Thanks for stopping by :-)

Please give me your comments here or send me an email to hhsondergaard@me.com

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