Butterflies in La réserve naturelle du Sabot de Frotey July 15 to 17th 2018

We walked part of the designated route, that can be accessed either from the parking area at the Aerodrome or from the parking on N19 just opposite Frotey les Vesoul.

Day 1 we followed the route to the left of the road towards the Areodrome. The path goes along the ridge and through a mix of bush and clearings until it reaches the forest. It was a sunny hot day and we saw butterflies in all clearings. Also check out open clearings when the forest begins. After a right turn the path comes onto a farm road and descends to a huge field filled with Lucerne. Here butterflies are abundant. Instead of following the route we turned right at the end of the Lucerne field and headed back to the car. In the trees just before we reached the Aerodrome road we saw the Minois dryas resting and on the road descending to the N19 we saw Lycaena tityrus just beside the road.

Day 2 we started from the Aerodrome parking area, headed east on the road and followed the path to the left. Along the path we saw different Zygaena. In the clearing just after the path takes a left turn we saw Limenitis reducta. The path passes through a forestry area which is not so interesting but as the path meets a farm road and bends to the left there is a small path into a huge clearing just before it then bends to the right. Here we saw Maculinea arion, w-album, colias hyale, paphia, Limenitis reducta and blues. Back to the path and it descends to the Lucerne field from the other side. We turned left towards the Aerodrome road. When ascending the Aerodrome road about halfway a track can be taken to the left. We followed this an found areas with oregano filled with Satyrinae. 

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