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My various photo galleries are the result of successful pursuit of certain species or just sheer luck. Most often, well, my photo excursions are unsuccessful. Last Summer for instance was a disaster. I had reserved two weeks for the pursuit of the butterfly Iris. Which meant that I had placed and arranged my (and my family's) Summer vacation so that it concurred with the expected flight time of Iris. You never know for certain, as it depends on the all year weather. I even had the unexpected help from an aurelian friend who also had the ambition of finding Iris and who had purchased the ultimate bate - Swedish half-rotten herring. So....., I spent days and days looking for Iris in the parts of the wood where I had seen it in previous years. As the weather changed from day to day I left the woods when overcast only to come back when the sun started to shine again. It drove my wife and kids mad. The bad weather and the lack of butterflies in general and Iris in particular affected my mood and the legendary Iris fever worsened each day. At times I was close to hallucinating, seeing shadows of big butterflies among the branches... I t h i n k I saw Iris twice. But no, I never saw it for certain. I tell you this because I think the unsuccessful pursuit and the feeling of great disappointment is inherent to butterfly photography and an important part of the attraction. Add a little bit of nostalgia for past great butterfly Summers and it's what makes the butterfly photographer tick :-)

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