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Thrilled by the longer days and the clear mornings we have had lately I went to Vejlerne yesterday. I was hoping to find the large flocks of Pink Geese that I saw the week before. Pink Geese spend the winter in Denmark and the Netherlands and they nest on Svalbard, near the Arctic. The Pink Geese usually leave for their Norhern endeavours in early April and they must have left a few days ago - only a small number of geese were left in Vejlerne. The week before I had photographed a Pink Goose with a white neck tag reading G44. On a web site I can now follow G44, which is female, on her trip, if she is spotted and reported. She was tagged several years ago and her route is illustrated on a Google Map. Interesting. There were loads of Greylag Geese in Vejlerne. They stay and are getting ready to breed. Also I saw plenty of Barnacle geese. Two big Sea Eagles (Whitetailed) were soaring right above me, too (see picture).